Let's connect about community policing! Wood Buffalo RCMP is committed to preserving the peace, upholding the law, and providing quality service in partnership with the communities it serves. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) has partnered with the RCMP to create informative virtual and in-person events to connect with the residents throughout the region.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on local safety concerns by taking the Annual Policing Priorities Survey!

Wood Buffalo RCMP set policing priorities each year. These priorities ensure that, in addition to responding to calls for service, officers focus on policing issues that are in line with local concerns.

They have analyzed input gathered from the community response survey, statistics, calls for service, crime trends and concerns from community stakeholders and partners. By evaluating all this information, they set the policing priorities portion of the upcoming year’s Detachment (Annual) Performance Plan (as shown below).

Wood Buffalo RCMP presented the 2024-2025 Annual Performance Plan at the Council meeting on April 9 - visit rmwb.ca/council to watch a recording of that meeting. The What We Heard Report is available to summarize what community survey participants had to say.

You can also join the virtual public meeting on Thursday, April 18, from 12-1 p.m. to learn more and ask questions about the Annual Performance Plan.

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2024-2025 Wood Buffalo RCMP Annual Performance Plan

IMPORTANT: This online page is for general questions or comments regarding community engagement only. If your issue is an emergency, please dial 911. If you need to report a non-emergency issue, please do so by calling 780-788-4000. Submit an online report by visiting rmwb.ca/rcmp or crimestoppers.ab.ca

Policing Priorities Survey

Ask a Cop a Question 2023

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Ask a Cop a Question Responses

You've asked questions that Wood Buffalo RCMP are responding to during panel discussions this Spring. In the meantime, you can find responses to pressing questions here. Question from Janvier: As a rural operator in Janvier, we have been given a contact number for the Janvier RCMP detachment, but anytime I have ever called that number I have never received an answer. Is this the proper number? Are there officers watching that phone? Wood Buffalo RCMP Response: Janvier RCMP will answer calls to the phone number provided when the member is available in the office. Our best advice would be to call 780-788-4040 as that goes to our local switchboard team if they have a question or just want a member to call them. If it is an emergency, the fastest way is to call 911 so that all emergency services can be dispatched.

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