Don't we already have a Community Standards Bylaw?

    Though a Community Standards Bylaw already exists, the new version is intended to be more comprehensive and easier to read.

    The proposed draft, presented in the documents tab, represents a consolidation of a few bylaws that were previously not included in Community Standards.  

    How will feedback be used?

    Feedback gathered in the survey will be reflected in the draft Community Standards Bylaw that will be presented to Council for approval.  

    It seems that we just did a very similar engagement. What's the difference?

    You're right!

    Engagement for the Community Standards Bylaw started a few years ago and the most recent engagement took place this fall (2020).  Feedback from the first rounds of engagement was used to shape the existing draft of the bylaw. 

    To ensure the bylaw reflects the needs of the community, we are presenting it for additional review/commentary from residents before presenting to Council in January.