The Strangers: Year 2 Discussion

What are your current impressions of the central characters? Is it evolving since Year 1?  In Year 2, we see the effects of an absence of connection – and an absence of freedom. Phoenix is in a cell, cut off from her family. Cedar-Sage is now living with her dad, stepmom and stepsister, in a more “secure” home than she’s ever lived in: she has her own washroom, bedroom, and the pantry, fridge and deep freeze are all well-stocked. Yet, she’s intimidated by the large house and neighbourhood. She is also cut off from her “real real family,” except for when her dad shares stories. When we meet Elsie again, she’s detoxing, yet finds herself unable to escape people and patterns intertwined with her addiction. And lastly, Margaret feels trapped by her responsibilities – an aging mother, a loveless and abusive marriage, “ungrateful teenage boys”, and “a low-life teenage daughter”, and grandchildren. She’s surrounded by family and connections, yet they make her feel resentful.   Sometimes freedom is taken from us, and sometimes we create our own limitations. How are the Stranger women imposing their own lack of freedom, and where do they have no choice?  What does this tell us about freedom, or lack thereof? 
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