The Strangers: Year 3 Discussion

What are your impressions of the central characters now that we’ve learned more about their lives? We continue to see the role connection plays in our lives playout in Year 3. Phoenix is finally making a positive connection through Ben, who demonstrates the power of storytelling, and it’s helping her calm down. Cedar wants to see her sister and her mom, but her stepmother, Nikki, is against the idea. This loneliness leads to suicide ideation, until Shawn allows her to take a call from Phoenix. Meanwhile, Elsie is struggling to stay free from addiction, and stay connected to her kids. She doesn’t have a phone, but the prospect of getting to see Cedar is enough to help her resist temptation, for now. Lastly, we see how the death of Margaret’s brother affects her life, including upending plans for Genie and Joseph to adopt Elsie. Margaret’s family forces familial connection upon her in a way that leads to deep resentment. What do we learn here about the importance of connection? Family are the first connections we make and are the foundations of our life’s journey. What role does family play in the lives of the Stranger women?
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