The Strangers: Year 4 Discussion

Hope is a theme that stands out in Year 4. Ben’s stories of rebuilding trust with his daughter inspires Phoenix to reach out in hopes of getting to see her son, Sparrow. Cedar still deeply wants to see her sister and mom, but her dad and stepmother aren’t on the same page, as to not get Cedar’s hopes up. Elsie decides to terminate a pregnancy, as she doesn’t have much hope left in her life. And it is in Year 4 we really come to understand the events that upend Margaret’s law career and her life. Even Margaret had hope when she went to tell Jacob she was pregnant, only to discover Jacob’s true colours – that he never had serious intentions and would never marry her because who she was. Being told he couldn’t marry her because he’s a “good old country boy at heart” who “can’t bring a … Catholic girl home,” causes Margaret to snap and assault Jacob. Not only does this dash Margaret’s hopes of a better life, but also the hopes of her family.  What do you think Margaret learned from this incident about having hopes and dreams? Is hope dangerous?  How important is hope? What does it mean for Elsie and Phoenix to have such an absence of hope?Phoenix and Margaret are angry, often violent characters, whereas Elsie and Cedar are gentler, apparently sadder people. Do you think their rage – or sadness – comes from the same place? What makes some people turn to rage while others turn to sorrow? 
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