The Strangers: Year 5 Discussion

 It’s devastating after seeing Phoenix’s hope in Year 4 be dashed when Lisa, her son’s paternal great-grandmother who has custody of Sparrow, tells Phoenix she will never see her son. Despite having some hope, Phoenix is faced with someone else having an idea of who she is: someone who will never not be violent or incarcerated. Elsie reflects on being cast away by Margaret, who also has limiting beliefs Elsie’s identity. Margaret never forgot who the world told her she was, and the disappointment of believing otherwise. What does it mean to have others – or society – determine who you are? How do you think the women’s lives would have been Meanwhile, Cedar is starting anew at university, a goal she achieved her own with some support from her dad. She then gets invited to hang out with a group of Indigenous women that seem “fun and cool.” Is this hope in action? What does it mean to be ending the book on Cedar, instead of Margaret? There is no denying the hardships and trauma and other Indigenous people have experienced. But how does seeing only sorrow and despair affect Margaret and others? What else have you learned about family or culture that Margaret may not see or appreciate? Considering these two quotes, why do you think Margaret and her father had such different relationships with their identities as Metis people?
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