Week 1 Discussion: WAABANONG (East)

“My Zhaaganaash and Anishinaabe grandmothers could not have been more different. . . . Their push and pull on me has been a tug-of-war my entire life.” (pages 10-11) How does this conflict impact Daunis? Daunis talks about keeping her various “worlds” separate, saying, “My life goes more smoothly when Hockey World and Real World don’t overlap. Same as with my Fontaine and Firekeeper worlds.” What are ways in which we see Daunis acting to keep her worlds separate? Do you think she feels a stronger connection to one world or the other? Do you agree it’s easier to keep worlds separate? “Could I even explain [to Gramma Pearl] that I’m helping law-enforcement officers from the same government that tried taking her to boarding school? . . . Would she know that I am trying to protect our community, and others, too?” (page 149) What is the role of intergenerational trauma in this book?
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