Week 4 Discussion: KEWAADIN (North)

Both Daunis and Jamie struggle with their identities—while Daunis feels torn between many, Jamie doesn’t have any sense of where he comes from. Are there similarities in the way they struggle with their identities? Differences? Daunis references the Seven Grandfather teachings throughout the novel—Love, Humility, Respect, Honesty, Bravery, Wisdom, and Truth. Are there characters or moments that help Daunis learn and embody these teachings? One of the main themes in the novel is the strength of women and what it means to be a strong woman. We see Daunis' journey and choices guided by the women who surround her. What characters or interactions stand out to you? Do you see different types of strength in the book? The ending saw no real justice for Daunis or Lily. Why do you think the author made the decision to end the book this way? How is it realistic?
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