What is the Kiyām Community Park (formerly known as Franklin and Main Park) project?

    Located in the heart of downtown, on Franklin and Main, the park will support urban beautification efforts and provide a space for year-round activities and micro business opportunities as part of our Downtown Revitalization initiative. It’s going to feature many exciting elements that reflect the story and culture of the region. It’s going to be a great new way to enjoy downtown

    The project will address vacant land through the development of an inclusive community park that contributes to improved health and safety and beautification, while supporting ongoing investment and revitalization downtown. 

    Some featured amenities are:

    • Full-size FiBA basketball court / multi-use surface
    • Medicine wheel rock garden
    • Natural playground
    • Micro business spaces
    • Public washrooms
    • Individual and group seating areas
    • Outdoor electronic charging stations
    • Onsite access to electricity for special events
    • Bike racks
    • Landscaped areas including trees
    • Interactive water fountain feature
    • Multi-Color atmosphere lighting
    • Shade structures
    • Flag poles including one for special events
    • Inviting pathways
    • Community event space
    • Ice skating path area
    • Winter warm up areas
    • Public art elements
    • Parking
    • Interpretive elements
    • Heritage plaque
    • Food service area
    • Multi-use seating and stage platform

    When will this project be constructed?

    The project will be constructed by Wilco Contractors Northwest Inc. with completion expected by fall 2021.

    How will public art be included in the park?

    Public Art is separate from the design process for developing spaces therefore it's separate from development designs. The opportunities for the Franklin and Main Park will follow proper site selection process and criteria checklist process identified in the guiding document, Wood Buffalo Public Art Plan. 

    The Municipality works with the internal departments on review of projects and opportunities for public art and develops an annual workplan that is reviewed and accepted by Council. A Public Art project has been identified for Franklin and Main and is scheduled to be presented to Council along with the annual workplan for review. Once accepted a Call to Artist will be released.

    How has Indigenous culture been included in the park design?

    A critical component of public engagement was involving Indigenous organizations from the entire region. Throughout discussions the importance of Indigenous culture was identified with numerous recommendations. After reviewing feedback, the park design includes several Indigenous cultural components such as a medicine wheel rock garden, and Indigenous organizations flags.

    How was the community engaged?

    The community was engaged in a variety of ways throughout numerous phases. 

    Phase 1 occurred from September 21, 2020 to October 4, 2020 with the objective of identifying residents' vision, priorities, and amenities for the park. 

    Phase 2 occurred from November 30, 2020 to December 13, 2020 with the objective of identifying the publics’ feedback on two concept designs. An online platform, Participate Wood Buffalo, supported surveys, polls, ideas page, and community forums for the public to voice their opinions. 

    Extensive engagement workshops occurred with community stakeholders, business leaders, and Indigenous organizations.    

    The results of these engagements were taken into careful consideration creating a final design.

    Is public parking still available at the construction site?

    Parking will no longer be accessible in the space. Motorists are encouraged to find alternate parking nearby. 

    Existing commercial and entertainment venues, like shopping, restaurants curbside pickup and recreational activities, have sufficient parking on site to handle the volume of parking required.

    What is the Wood Buffalo Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee?

    The WBDRAC is a Council appointed committee representing 11 voting members that represent 10 sectors of the community and two non-voting members of Council that make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to Downtown Revitalization. 

    For more information, please visit http://woodbuffalocn.iqm2.com/Citizens/Board/1077-Wood-Buffalo-Downtown-Revitalization-Advisory-Committee

    How are age-friendly aspects incorporated into the park?

    The project team met with numerous, age-friendly groups that support the seniors in our region. Their feedback was highly considered for the design of age-friendly components such as pathways, seating and park materials supporting inclusion and accessibility.