Sharing Stories of the Land

There are so many stories about the land in this region. Do you know the story of Moose Lake? Did you know that the Wood Buffalo National Park is a World Heritage site and is home to some of the world's largest meadows and sedges? Watch this video from Chief Mel Grandjamb of Fort McKay First Nation introducing Moose Lake along with a video from Melody Lepine, member of Mikisew Cree First Nation, sharing information about the Peace Athabasca Delta within Wood Buffalo National Park. Learn more about the initiatives taking place in the region to protect these areas before you share stories of the land in the discussion below. Looking for more about Moose Lake? Fort McKay First Nation shares more in this video. Please Note: This is an inclusive and respectful space to participate in National Indigenous History Month. Any disrespectful content will be removed from the conversation. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.
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