Consolidated Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw No. 98/078 (Urban Service Area)

The existing Bylaw (98/078): regarding OHV use within the Urban Service Area indicates that: "No person, other than a Bylaw Officer, shall use or operate an Off-Highway Vehicle on any Highway, roadway, or any public land within the Fort McMurray Urban Service Area except on land within a “Designated Area” for the purposes of gaining access to areas outside of the boundaries of the Urban Service Area, unless authorized by special permit issued by the Regional Clerk, or other officer authorized by the Council of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to issue such special permit;" and "OHV use in designated areas is only permitted between the hours of 7:00am and 10:00pm."Do you agree with these regulations? Why or why not? What changes to this Bylaw:, if any, would you recommend? Why do you recommend these changes? How would these changes benefit the residents of Fort McMurray?
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