Existing OHV Master Plan Recommendations

Below is a list of the key recommendations from the existing OHV Master Plan: https://ic11.esolg.ca/11198087_RMWB/en/parks-and-recreation/resources/Documents/OHV_Master_Plan.pdf. Do you agree or disagree with these recommendations in the context of the Urban Service Area? Please explain. Initiate the development of new OHV trails and staging areas directly to the north and south of Fort McMurray Develop comprehensive trail planning and design standards; Develop a comprehensive trail signage plan; Regularly review the Engineering Servicing Standards to continually improve access control measures; Continue to manage existing staging areas with appropriate amenities and signage; Initiate a feasibility study to develop an OHV Park / training facility; Explore potential to collect fees for trail access and usage; Develop comprehensive maintenance procedures; Maintain and strengthen relationships with oil sands companies to coordinate future development; and Identify the need to include other trail users and stakeholders in ongoing management.
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