This engagement is now closed. Thank you to those who participated. Feedback gathered from public engagement is available in the What We Heard Report available here.

Next Steps

The Engineering Department will review all feedback gathered during the public engagement period. The Engineering Department is expected to present to Council to get direction on which design option to construct for Reach 6. Follow for Council meeting schedules and agendas.

Once a design option has been selected, further detailed design will be needed before construction can begin. Timelines for construction on Reach 6 are unknown at this time. More information will be shared with residents once it is available.

Permanent Flood Mitigation - Riedel Street up to Longboat Landing

The Municipality will be extending permanent flood mitigation into Reach 6 in downtown Fort McMurray, which stretches along Clearwater Drive from Riedel Street up to Longboat Landing.

In fall 2022, we engaged with residents to discuss two design options for Reach 6, (and share information about a preliminary design that was not recommended for this project). Click on the Design Option galleries to see how each design could look. Please note that these are preliminary drawings only and are not the final designs.

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the key considerations for each option and for telling us what’s most important to you for flood mitigation in this area.

How Residents Participated

Residents were invited to learn about the two design options (and a preliminary design option), so those who participated in the engagement could provide well-informed feedback. We also asked about your priorities are when it comes to flood mitigation in this area, so decision makers will know what is important to residents with respect to this project.

Residents were invited to share feedback online through a number of tools (listed below) or attend an open house to talk with us about the project and ask questions.

  • Quick Poll
  • Survey
  • Ask a Question
    • Be sure to check out the FAQ’s
  • Public Open House

Schedule of Public Open Houses

Sept 20, 2022 (Tuesday)6 - 8 p.m.Virtual - Microsoft Teams - Watch a video recording of the session here.
Sept 23 - 25, 2022Fall Trade Show HoursMac Donald Island Park - RMWB Booth (Hall C - Curling Rinks)
Sept 27, 2022 (Tuesday)2 - 6 p.m.Jubilee Centre - 1st Floor Lobby
Oct 1, 2022 (Saturday)12 - 4 p.m.Jubilee Centre - 1st Floor Lobby

Reach 6 - Map of Area

What About the Heritage Shipyard?

We recognize that the Heritage Shipyard is located in the middle of the project area. While this does present some challenges, it also presents some opportunities. We have already begun conversations with the Fort McMurray Heritage Society to review impacts to the Shipyard, and we're committed to working together to develop a solution.

All the design options presented in the survey, including cost estimates, have taken the Heritage Shipyard into consideration and would have roughly the same impact on the Shipyard.

Flood Mitigation Program Where We Are Now

Every year, the spring river breakup brings the risk of flooding along the Clearwater and Athabasca Rivers in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. The Flood Mitigation Program, as approved by Council, is at various stages of completion and is a major priority for the Municipality, residents, and businesses.

Proposed designs concepts for Reach 6 will bring permanent flood mitigation to the 1:200-year level (250.9m elevation) and will enhance community safety by helping to protect homes and businesses in the downtown area.

Construction on Reach 6 is expected to start during the 2023 construction season. Timelines for completion are dependent on the selected design.

Survey - Reach 6 Designs

Reach 6 Designs Survey

This survey has concluded.


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What is your top priority for Reach 6 Flood Mitigation?