How many designs options are considered for Reach 6?

    Three main designs  were reviewed by Administration. Options 1 and 2 are presented for public feedback, but the preliminary design is for information only. The preliminary design is not an ideal solution, but we wanted to inform residents of all the options that were considered.

    Why aren’t you considering the preliminary design for this project?

    The preliminary design proposed twinning Clearwater Drive and building the new riverside road to flood protection level. Administration will not be pursuing this design option, because it has the most disadvantages, and is an overly complicated solution. This design is presented as information only.

    What will happen to the Heritage Shipyard?

    The Heritage Shipyard does sit in the project area, so there will be impacts to that facility. Administration has been having conversations with the Fort McMurray Heritage Society to review the impacts of this project on the Heritage Shipyard, and we are working together to develop a solution.

    How will this project impact vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic in the area?

    Once a design option has been selected, the detailed design phase will look more deeply into these considerations.

    What are the timelines for this project?

    Timelines for this project depend on which design option is selected. The goal is to begin construction in 2023, and it could take two to three construction seasons to complete.

    What is the flood protection level?

    For the Flood Mitigation Program, the flood protection level is 250.9 metres, which is the 1 – 200-year flood elevation. This means that based on historical and environmental data, one flood every 200 years is expected to reach this elevation.

    How much will it cost for Reach 6 flood mitigation?

    The cost of this project depends on which design option is chosen. Costs shown for each design option are estimates. Each estimate includes an additional 50% for contingency, which is typical for this stage of a project.  (i.e., a project estimated at $20M would have an additional $10M added for contingency for a total of $30M.)

    I don’t live downtown or have a business downtown. Can I still participate in this engagement?

    Yes. You don’t need to live or work downtown if you’d like to participate in this engagement.

    Will there still be temporary flood mitigation while the permanent flood mitigation is being constructed?

    Yes. The Municipality is continuing to use temporary flood mitigation while permanent flood mitigation is being completed. Temporary measures will be reduced as permanent measures are completed.