Why is the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo preparing a Transit Master Plan?

    The Transit Master Plan is needed to establish a vision for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) Transit for the next 5-10 years. The Transit Master Plan will identify the steps to be taken to achieve the vision with a methodology built upon existing strengths and best practices. This Plan will help us plan for transit in the region and improve the transit services we currently offer our residents.

    What is the RMWB Transit Master Plan?

    The Transit Master Plan will identify short and long-term improvements to the transit system. This 10 year Plan will look at routes, service levels, and frequency of buses. We will also be looking at infrastructure improvements that are needed to support the future transit network.

    What will the Regional Municipality do with the information I share?

    What we learn through the two rounds of engagement will be used to prepare and finalize the RMWB Transit Master Plan.

    When can I see the recommendations from the draft RMWB Transit Master Plan?

    The draft Plan recommendations will be available for download from the RMWB Transit Master Plan page on the Participate Wood Buffalo webpage in early 2022. We encourage you to review the recommendations for discussion during our Round 2 engagement.

    I attended Round 1 Engagement Activities, will I automatically get invited to Round 2 Engagement activities?

    Yes, you are on our email list and we will be sending project updates and notice of engagement activities directly to you.

    I did not attend Round 1 Engagement Activities, how can I make sure I am included in Round 2 Engagement Activities?

    Register to get project updates RMWB Transit Master Plan webpage on Participate Wood Buffalo so we can add you to the email list. You can also check back on the Participate page to get project updates.