Council to discuss options for properties bought through the Draper Voluntary Buyout Program

At the upcoming Council meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, Administration will present recommendations to Council for approval on the next steps for properties acquired through the Draper Voluntary Buyout Program.

The following recommendations will be presented:

  • Demolish the residential buildings, accessory structures and complete all related site clean-up at all nine (9) properties acquired in the Draper community through the Voluntary Buyout (VBO) program;
  • Manage the demolition process and salvaging materials where reasonable for diverting from the landfill;
  • Complete demolitions by January 31, 2025, with site clean-up at all nine (9) properties and conclusion of the VBO program to be completed by June 30, 2025; and
  • Planning and Development Services appropriately redesign and rezone all nine (9) properties acquired in Draper to reduce the risk associated with additional residents and structures in the flood hazard zone.

River’s Edge Land Use Bylaw Amendment

Council will also hear and discuss an amendment to bylaw No. 24/008 - for Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 232 1444, in Draper for the “River’s Edge” facility. River’s Edge would be a purpose-built resort for residents and visitors of Fort McMurray. Providing a versatile venue for gatherings, events and outdoor recreation.

The full council report is available on the RMWB website at

If you would like to register as a delegate to speak to Council on either of these agenda items, please complete the Request to Speak Form; email, or contact Legislative Services at 780-743-7001. You can also register in person with Legislative Services staff before the start of the Council meeting.

Looking for more information?

Visit for the full Council meeting agenda including a link to watch the meeting virtually.

If you have questions, please contact


Engagement Feedback Survey

Engagement Feedback Survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded

Quick Poll: Entrance Sign

Quick Poll: Entrance Sign

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Residents are encouraged to choose their preferred options for the Draper entrance sign. Understanding the needs and wants from the community directly will inform the final decision.

All feedback will be collected and considered; however, the highest votes provided by Draper residents will help inform the final decision on the location and icon.

One submission per resident is permitted. The quick poll will be available from August 10 to September 7, 2022.

Question for Engagement Sessions


Online Forum Draper Entrance Sign

The Draper entrance sign is being updated to elevate community pride, align with RMWB brand standards, and Council’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2025. What are your thoughts? What location and icon do you prefer, and why?

Municipal Development Plan

What are your overall thoughts about the proposed Municipal Development Plan?

Area Structure Plan Discussion

What are your overall thoughts about the Draper Area Structure Plan

Land Use Bylaw Discussion

You're encouraged to share your feedback about the Land Use Bylaw: What are your overall thoughts on the proposed Land Use Bylaw? How would you like to be engaged for the Land Use Bylaw provisions related to Draper?

Flood Mitigation Discussion

What are your overall thoughts about flood mitigation in Draper?



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